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Toothette/Sage Oral Swabs Disposable
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Brand Toothette/Sage
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  • Disposable star-shaped toothette is soft and spongy .
  • Handle 41/4" in length and the foam tip 3/4" in diameter
  • Made in USA

More facts

  • Each swab is unflavored and individually wrapped
  • Soft foam heads gentle to fragile tissues
  • The foam tips may be trimmed with clean scissors when working with the smaller mouths
  • Perpendicular ridges help clan between teeth and stimulate oral tissue
  • The disposable star-shaped toothette is soft and spongy with a handle 41/4" in length and the foam tip 3/4" in diameter
  • Made in USA
  • Latex Free


Maintain a Clean, Healthy Mouth
Oral health is an important factor of overall health. In order to maintain oral health, it is important to help prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. In the absence of brushing, this bacteria forms dental plaque that has been linked to various diseases that originate in the mouth, including gingivitis. One study showed that "plaque on teeth can provide a breeding ground for this growth of bacteria."

Using Toothette Oral Care products, you can help reduce the risk of plaque buildup in the mouth and promote oral health. Trust that you are achieving a clean, healthy mouth with the #1 trusted brand of oral care in hospitals.


Toothette Swabs are used in routine oral care to gently massage the gums while removing bits of food and plaque and excess fluid. The soft, ridged foam of Toothette dental swabs gently massages fragile oral gums and tissue. The ridges of the sponge help to clean in and around teeth while being delicate and absorbent.


Single use only. Use for one oral cleaning and then dispose of the oral swab. This will help to keep bacteria away from the mouth and any wounds or incisions within.


Medical Graded, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

What is in the sealed pack:

1 x Toothette/Sage disposable swab

Size (Length):

11cm (from the foam tip)


1) Moisten swab with water if desired.
2) Clean mouth for 1 minute.
3) Instruction to expectorate.
4) Do not allow patient to bite down on swab.
5) Exercise caution with children and unresponsive individuals.

1) Basahkan sapuan dengan air jika mahu.
2)  Bersihkan mulut selama 1 minit.
3) Arahan untuk mengeluarkan air kencing.
4) Jangan biarkan pesakit menggigit swab.
5) Berhati-hati dengan kanak-kanak dan individu yang tidak bertindak balas.

~~ Toothettes BUKAN mainan mengunyah dan disyorkan untuk digunakan di bawah pengawasan orang dewasa.
~~ Sila dapatkan nasihat daripada ahli terapi bahasa pertuturan terlatih anda tentang cara menggunakan alat dengan betul. 

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